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IT Services for Small Businesses

Are you are large company with a global IT organization looking to implement the latest and greatest multi-million dollar hardware and software solutions?  If so, we regret to inform you that you have come to the wrong place.

Kyoni’s focus is entirely on small businesses.

Small businesses have completely different needs, objectives and budgets with respect to their IT Infrastructure.  Every small business has an IT environment;  from the smallest micro businesses – grappling with basic email, website and file sharing issues between their few PCs – to the more mature small business with a server infrastructure, communications needs and line of business applications.  Although these businesses may be very different they usually have many things in common including:

  • Problems providing basic IT services (email, website, telephony, file sharing, Internet access, backup, etc.)
  • Lack of time and expertise within the business to deal with IT issues.
  • Insufficient resources or need to hire full-time IT staff
  • No knowledge of security best practices and protective measures
  • No reliable source from whom to get basic support or recommendations
  • No strategic direction with respect to IT purchasing and evolution

Kyoni is a small business who understands the operating issues and needs of small businesses.   While our primary service area is in Texas (Houston and Dallas), we have provided remote support and services to companies across the US in a broad range of industries.  If you are a small business who is experiencing any of the pains mentioned above please do Contact Us to see how we can help.